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Community Room Policy

Adopted by the Highland Library Board on November 3, 1987, revised  November 2002


The Highland Township Public Library provides a Community Room as meeting space for residents of Highland Township to encourage free expression and access to ideas presenting all points of view on subjects of all kinds. 


In accordance with the Michigan Public Accommodation Act, this tax-supported facility may be used only by those groups whose membership is open to all without restriction based on race, sex, or creed.  Thus, religious groups are limited to using the Community Room for nonsectarian or interdenominational meetings or programs and political groups may use the Community Room for nonpartisan or bipartisan programs of an educational nature for the general public only.  Local business use is permissible when no selling, solicitation, or order taking occurs. 


Use of the Community Room may involve a charge, depending upon room use (business, social, or non-profit) and hours requested.


Granting of permission to use library facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the Library Board or Staff of the users or their beliefs.


Printable Community Room use application (pdf)



Approved by the Library Board, October 11, 1988, Revised July 1989, November 2002, June 2010, August 2011


Community and Lower Level Group Study Rooms

 * Regular library hours are 10 am to 8 pm, Monday thru Thursday, 10 am to 5 pm on Friday and Saturday. The room may be booked during regular library hours.

 * Arrangements may be made to use the room as of 9 am, when staff are in the building but the library is not yet open to the public. In this case, the room user, not library staff, is responsible for letting meeting attendees into the building.

 * Arrangements may be made for use one hour beyond closing during the week, subject to availability of staff to accommodate the request. If the request is approved, the room may be booked for use until 9 p.m. There is a $ 25.00 charge for extended hours.

 * The cleaning/security deposit is $ 75.00.

 * The security deposit is forfeited if the group leaves more than 15 minutes after the agreed upon check-out time, unless prior arrangements have been made. The library reserves the right to charge an additional fee if damage repair/replacement exceeds the deposit fee.

 *Room and kitchenette must be left neat and clean or deposit is forfeited and/or room privileges lost.

 *There is no room use fee for Highland residents or Highland-based non-profit groups and community organizations for events which are free and open to the public. The Room Use Application must be signed by a Highland Library cardholder in good standing, who must be in attendance at the meeting or event being scheduled.

 *There is a $100.00 room use fee for a social/private event or a $50.00 room use fee for local business.  The Room Use Application must be signed by a Highland Library cardholder in good standing, who must be in attendance at the meeting or event being scheduled.

 * Kitchen use is limited to storing food in refrigerator and heating of food. No food may be cooked or prepared on site per Health Department regulations.

 * Room user will check in at the Circulation Desk (this department handles room bookings) upon arrival to verify use and sign-out at the Circ Desk when finished with the room.

 * Room user will need to supply all refreshments and paper supplies, table service, serving pieces, towels, cleaning supplies, additional garbage bags (beyond first set of bags which library supplies.) Trash should be brought to the Main Level Circulation staff will direct in disposal.

 * Some cleaning tools (e.g. small vacuum or electric broom, broom and dustpan, pail) will be available to the Community Room User and will be stored in the kitchen for use after the scheduled activity.

 * No smoking, no alcohol. No nails or tape. Tacks may be used on tack board.

 * Room user may move tables and chairs to suit their event, but is responsible for returning them to original position.


Printable Community Room use application (pdf)


Content is copyright (c) Highland Township Public Library. 

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