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Assistance with Library Cards while the building is closed

We are currently allowing Highland Township residents to request a temporary library card by calling 248-887-2218 ext 5), emailing htplreply@highland.lib.mi.us or by contacting us online via this form.


The following information is needed:
- First, Middle, and Last name. Nicknames or shortened versions of your legal name cannot be used.
- Driverís license or State ID number
- Birthdate
- Address
- Email address
- Telephone number (If this number is for a cell phone, please include the name of your service provide to receive text notification when items are due or ready for pick up.)

Registering cards sight unseen is not our standard practice. Therefore, any card registered at this time will expire in spring 2021.  To renew your account for our standard three-year lifecycle, please visit the library with a valid ID showing your Highland address once our building reopens.


Library Card Number and PIN
If you are in need of your library card number or PIN, please call us at 248-887-2218, email your request to htplreply@highland.lib.mi.us, or contact us online via this form. Staff will release your account number or reset your PIN after you have verified your account information.