Adult Summer Reading Program
We wanted to offer something that was accessible to as many people as possible, especially folks that don't have easy access to technology.
So Summer Reading this year is a BINGO card!
You'll find a full copy of the bingo card in our printed newsletter that should be arriving in your mailbox soon, or you can pick one up at the library.
When you complete your BINGOs, you can drop your completed card off in person, mail it to us, email it or even message us a picture of it (with the BINGOs marked off) on facebook. We're trying to be extra flexible this summer!
Each completed line counts as one entry in our drawings. More completed lines = more entries.
Especially now, we want to support Highland, so ALL our adult summer reading prizes this year will be gift certificates to some wonderful Highland small businesses. We encourage you to Live Highland Shop Highland too if you can, by including some "shop Highland" squares on our card.

Click here for a full-page pdf of the bingo card you can print out:
You can also pick up a printed version of the card at the library.

Submit your completed BINGOs:
- by dropping off at the library or mailing to us at: 444 Beach Farm Circle, Highland, MI 48356
- email to us at
- message us a picture of it on Facebook








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