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Letterboxing is a unique treasure-hunt style activity that usually takes place outdoors in public places such as parks. The basic idea is simple. Clues, usually posted on a web site, will lead the person who correctly follows them to the secret location of a "letterbox." The letterbox contains a unique rubber stamp and a logbook. The searcher also carries a personal rubber stamp and logbook. When the letterbox is found, its finder stamps the box's logbook with his or her personal stamp, and stamps the personal logbook with the stamp in the letterbox. The letterbox is then secreted away again.  Click here to learn more about letterboxing.


Letterboxing can be a fun family activity and is extremely rewarding!  If you'd like to try your hand at this unique pastime, make sure you're committed to the task.  Only the most dedicated of explorers will succeed.


We've developed our own letterBOOK hidden somewhere in the library.  Follow these directions, which will lead you to the next clue, and the next, and finally to the letterBOOK!


Here's your first clue:


~ ~ ~ ~

In Michigan, letterboxing is great fun in the summer.

It can be a bit soggy in the spring.

Letterboxing is colorful and invigorating in the fall,

but in the winter, LetterBOOKing is the best thing!

~ ~ ~ ~


Make your way to the Highland Township Public Library.  As you approach the front door, notice the bricks that you are walking on.  In the row of bricks closest to the entrance door, read the third lettered brick from the right and then enter the building.


Once you are inside, notice a young girl who has brought her puppies to the library - perhaps they enjoy books too!  Standing near the girl, look around the library for a room where, if you had one of something, you could make two. 


Here you will find the first hidden clue, in the rack marked with the phrase you saw in the brick.




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