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Podcast Recommendations from Highland Library Youth Services

Tune into some great online podcasts, covering topics from science to history to music.  Just click through and listen!


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Science Lovers  
Discover the Wildlife of Your Home (19 min) from Tumble Science
We're going on an indoor expedition to discover the species in our own home! You’ll never look at the bugs in your house the same way again. Ecologist and author Rob Dunn is our guide to exploring what he calls, “the unknown we wake up in every morning.” We’ll find out how many species live in the average home (it’s more than you think!) and tell you how you can conduct your own scientific survey inside your house.
previously posted podcasts:  Butterflies of Paris (14 min) from Tumble Science
  How Do Meteorologists Predict the Weather? (25 min) brought to you by But Why?
  How Do We Taste Food? (24 min) brought to you by But Why?
  Curious About Yawning (11 min) from Curious Kids
History for Curious Kids  
Ole Kirk Christiansen and LEGO (10 minutes) from Bedtime History
Learn about the history of Ole Kirk Christiansen and the invention of Lego by he and his sons.
prevously posted podcasts: Trains and Movies (28 minutes) from The Past and the Curious
  Neil Armstrong: First to the Moon (14 min) from Podcast Republic
Barnum, Banvard, Paper Moon, and More (22 min)  from The Past and the Curious
  Prairie Dogs and Animal Bands (32 min) from The Past and the Curious
Classics for Kids (6 min) from Classics for Kids at NPR
A lot of classical music turns up in commercials.  These pieces might make you think of flying, a pastoral walk, breakfast cereal, cannons being shot, or even a beef dinner!  Listen to these and see if they make you hungry (or hungry for travel).  Keep your ears open for classical music in the background of commercials!
previously posted podcasts:  Johann Strauss, Jr. (6 min) from NPR
  Many a Skipper (12 min) from Noodle Loaf
  Knobs & Faders (11 min) from Noodle Loaf
The Money Tree (20 min) from Circle Round
When’s the last time you tried really hard to do something? The last time you put in a whole lot of effort to achieve a goal? Working hard can be exhausting, but also rewarding!  But in this podcast, we’ll meet a character who just wants the reward without the hard work!  Today our story is called “The Money Tree.” Versions of this tale originally come from China.
previously posted podcasts:  The Mountain Spring (20 min) from Circle Round
  The King and the Cobbler (23 min) from Circle Round
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