Stretch your mental muscles with some online escape-room-type puzzles!
Check out some of our favorite Breakout EDU puzzles. 
Can you look for clues and figure out these toughies?
If you are new to these puzzles, take a close look at everything. Look for patterns and things that stand out.  For example, the first lock in the Design Decisions puzzle shows a lot of questions being asked by the cats.  But some of those letters look a little odd. And some of the cats' questions might not be important...
Still stuck? Find the solutions here.
Our Current Puzzle:
Design Decisions (2nd grade and up)
Can you crack this escape-room-like puzzle?
The cats got their favorite ball stuck in the tree! But as everyone knows, cats are GREAT at engineering solutions to problems. Click on each lock to start the puzzles, look for clues and patterns, and help the cats build a tool to retrieve their ball! 
more to come!
Need some help?  Highlight the text below for some clues and solutions to the puzzles.
Design Decisions (cats and tree): 
NUMBER: 34701








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