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Highland Library is pleased to offer wireless internet access. 


Our WIFI is on and available 24 hours a day. We've updated our wifi signals and extended their range.  You should be able to get a good signal in the parking lot and also on our back patio.


Also now available: mobile hotspots for checkout


These are unsecured signals and no password is required.  Just look for the network named "Highland Township Library" or outside the library "Highland Library Outside".

You will see the following splash screen before you can continue to the Internet:


You may use your laptop (with your wireless network card) or mobile device to gain high-speed access to the internet, free of charge.   Many of our tables are also equipped with a place for you to plug your power cord in.  We also have tables throughout the main level where you can plug in your laptop for internet access by using an Ethernet cable.


Patrons accessing the Internet from the Library using their own equipment (either wired or wireless Internet access) are expected to abide by the same rules established in this Internet Access Policy with regard to responsible and lawful use. Violators may be asked to leave the Library.



For more information, please call the Adult Reference Desk at 248-887-2218 (option 3).



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This page was last updated on Friday, May 21, 2021